Saturday, May 21, 2011

Litson Kawali

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1  -  kg. liempo pork
2  -  tbsp. salt
4  -  cups water
1  -  kg. oil for frying

  • Boil water with salt. Put the whole liempo and cook until the skin is soft. Remove the scum on top of the liquid for soup. Remove liempo from fire and let it cool. 
  • Heat cooking oil which can submerge the whole liempo. When hot, put liempo and cook until the skin is crisp. Remove from fire & cut into desired sizes.

Sauce for Litson Kawali:
1/2 -   cup catsup
2    - sugar
1    -   tbsp. harina
1    -   tsp. toyo
   Chili (amount desired)


  •  Mix all the ingredients & boil.
  •   Stir hen add cornstarch dissolved in little water. Add little water for consistency desired. Continue stirring cooked. 

·      Good for 4 to 6 servings.

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